The Canary Bracelet

Our bracelet reminds you to stay undercover by changing color when it detects dangerous UV rays. You’ll see the bead turn purple when the sun is high in the sky, a sign it's time to seek some shade.

By staying undercover with our Canary Bracelet you will also be supporting FTHESUN's #STAYSHADYPERU Campaign. The proceeds from each bracelet will go towards donating sun protective  accessories to kids in the Andes of Peru. Why? It is estimated that the Andes of Peru have the higest levels of UV radiation in the world, and those levels are constantly increasing, which means skin cancer levels will be on the rise unless something is done. Click here to learn more about FTHESUN and the work they do.

The Deets:

The UV bead will change color to remind you to stay undercover. It will go from clear to a dark purple when the UV rays are strong enough to hurt your skin. 

Note: This is not a medical device, but merely an accessory to help you keep track of the sun's radiation. The bead should retain its color-changing properties for several months. (sometime more, sometimes less) It's the perfect summer gift!

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